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  •  What to do when you have love for him...but aren’t in love with him. Page 108
  • ​What you should do if “he needs to change” but seems to be fine with mediocrity. Page 15
  • ​The real cause of the shift from wedded bliss to loneliness. Page 19
  • ​The most important thing you need to do now so you don’t remain stuck in indecision. Page 54
  • ​The ONE single insight that - if you can wrap your mind around it - will show you why you’re struggling to love your husband. Page 109
  • ​Why up to 74% of marriages are failing right now and what to do about it for your own life so you’re not just another statistic. Page 90
  • ​The single biggest thing that keeps women stuck in indecision and how to overcome it. Page 54
  • ​Specific communication tools that you can begin to implement in your marriage starting today to better understand one another. Page 123
  • ​How to interrupt the same recurring painful patterns and why nothing ever seems to get resolved. Page 85
  • ​You have to choose between “happiness” and staying together, right? Wrong! How to pave the path to happiness inside your marriage if that’s what you want. Page 25
  • ​And so much more...
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