My Membership Program Is Designed To Help You Find Peace And Happiness In Your Relationship
...Even If You’ve Been Stuck In Indecision For Years
When you’re in an unhappy marriage, every day is a struggle.

Your home is constantly filled with tension. It feels like you’re one harsh word, one mistake, or one misguided action from breaking your marriage beyond repair.

You aren’t finding joy, comfort, or security in your relationship… but, still bound by your marital commitment, you aren’t able to look for it elsewhere.

Meanwhile, your children are picking up on more than you realize (leading them to ask, “Are you and Daddy going to divorce?” seemingly out of nowhere).

The worst part is, if you’re desperate to make a decision about your marriage, but you keep falling into the same destructive and paralyzing patterns over and over again…

It may not seem like there’s an end in sight.

This is why I created The Decision: Should I Stay or Go? membership site.
This Is My Best Alternative To Private Coaching
Working with me as your private coach is one way to solve your marriage struggles…

But it certainly isn’t the ONLY way.

My relationship membership program, The Decision: Should I Stay or Go?, is designed to help you get clarity about your marriage, whether you’re:
  • Completely unsure of what to do next (you don’t know whether your answer is to stay or go, and you’re terrified of making the wrong decision and living with regret)
  • Leaning toward fixing your marriage (you want to give your marriage the very best opportunity to evolve and feel good again - but you aren’t sure if that’s possible)
  • Leaning toward walking away peacefully (you want to release the marriage, but you’re paralyzed by fear that you’ll regret it)
  • ​Experiencing an affair (you or your partner has betrayed the relationship and you’re trying to make sense of how to move forward for yourself and your family)
Here’s What Will Happen When You Join...
The Decision: Should I Stay or Go? membership site is designed to help you finally find ANSWERS.

Whether you decide to stay and reconnect with your spouse or peacefully and lovingly leave, you’ll be able to confidently make the decision with no regrets.

You’ll achieve a mature and unbiased perception of your spouse (so you can clearly see what they are and aren’t capable of in the relationship).

By increasing your confidence and decisiveness around your relationship, you’ll find it spreading to other areas of your life. Your friends and family may even start commenting on it. (“You seem... different lately. But in the best way!”)

With a new crystal-clear perspective on your relationship, your brain will finally have the energy to focus on what you want to create in your own life (maybe now is your time).

And, yes… clarity will come.

Whether you ultimately decide to stay or go, this unsatisfying, paralyzing, and turbulent period of your life will come to an end, and you’ll finally achieve the peace and clarity you’ve been craving for so long - without regrets.
For A Very Limited Time, You Can Join NOW
I only open up enrollment for this program a few times a year…

But since you clearly need answers NOW, there’s no reason you should wait to begin moving closer to clarity.

That’s why I’d like to give you an exclusive opportunity that others do not have.

Instead of waiting for the next enrollment period...

You can sign up for The Decision: Should I Stay or Go? membership site right here, right now, for just $197/month.

...But this offer will only be available to you for the next 48 hours.

So if you’re ready to find answers about your marriage and finally be in a different place a month or year from now (instead of staying stuck)...

Join The Decision membership site to get equipped with tools you can apply to your marriage today.
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