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Not So Close: Navigating Quarantine When Your Marriage is Struggling
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Here's Just A Fraction Of What You'll Learn:
  • ​5 specific tools you can use insulate your marriage from the storm (and get out ahead of your intensifying relationship struggles)
  • ​Healthy communication skills you can use to get your needs met (and interact calmly with your spouse and family)
  • ​How to avoid unnecessary arguments about differences in perspective (so you can save your energy for more productive & uplifting things)
  • ​Why it’s more important than ever to take responsibility for our own feelings (and the game-changing effect this will have on your marriage)
  • ​How to navigate physical intimacy in the most stressful time we’ve ever experienced (without either partner feeling pressured, neglected, or indifferent)
  • ​How to carve out time for you and your husband (to create what I refer as a “sacred space” in your marriage - trust me, you do need this)
  • ​3 quick tips on improving your relationship with your children during quarantine (so every member of the family can feel understood, loved, and respected)
  • ​Access to the live Q&A (where I’ll answer people’s most pressing relationship challenges)
  • ​And so much more!
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