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Yes, I’m ready to reframe what I’ve learned about relationships!: What we know about relationships is wrong... because no one ever taught us how to do it right! It's time to rethink what we *know* about relationships. In this hour-long workshop, I’ll walk you through 4 lies we believe about marriage, plus 4 assumptions we hold (even unconsciously!) You’ll receive *instant access* to new information that will help you discover: why you’re depleted by your role within marriage (when your husband is not), what to do if your husband isn’t meeting your expectations, how to cultivate desire in long-term relationships, and how to create lasting change inside your marriage! By the end of this training, you’ll understand why you need MORE THAN LOVE to make your relationship work. Get *instant access* to this hour-long workshop for just $27. (This offer is NOT available anywhere else!)

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"From the first paragraph, it's like talking to a very wise friend who just gets it. If you want to make your relationship the best it can be, this is the book you need to read!" - Sue
"Sharon, your book is spot on! As I read each page, I kept saying things like, "Yep, that's us. Yes, that's what he does! Oh, yes, that's how I usually handle that." The book covers challenges in today's marriages and genuinely how to make it better. Whether you're in a troubled marriage or not, it's a great, informational read! Thank you for writing this book, Sharon! I'm hopeful my marriage will succeed now that I have the tools to nurture my relationship along the way. It's amazing how you lose track of your life/marriage... and this book helped me pull it all back together. Thank you, Sharon!" -Dee
"Sharon’s words and insight are incredible. She is able to use everyday examples to share how we see and act in ways that sabotage our primary relationship. Her encouragement is timeless. As marriage has changed over the years, her information is timeless. Her focus on personal accountability and initiative are refreshing and so relevant to all my relationship!"
- Susan
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