If You're Struggling To Decide If You Should
I will help you find the clarity you need to re-commit to making your marriage work
or the strength and peace of mind to lovingly release it
From The Desk Of Sharon Pope
Master Life Coach
Saint Petersburg, FL

Dear Friend,

If you are struggling to decide if it's worth fighting for your relationship or if it's time to leave, and you're serious about finding that answer...I’m here to help.
But First, A Warning:
Before we go further, let me make something abundantly clear:

I don’t have a "magic wand" that will bring you instant answers without having to do any work.

And I can't promise you that your journey won't be uncomfortable, and possibly frightening at times.

But what I can promise you is that I will support you in finding YOUR answer.

Most likely you already have your parent’s answer, your close friends’ answers and maybe a few other people, as well.

But the reason you still feel stuck and confused is because…

Your answer is the only one you can fully trust and take action on.

Your answer will take your entire situation into account, not just what others want for you.

And your answer will come bundled in clarity, confidence and peace of mind that you can take action on without the fear of feeling any regret.

So with that said...
If you’re anything like the hundreds of women I’ve personally coached, you’re probably feeling alone, stuck, confused, scared and possibly even guilty.

These are all normal emotions to experience as disconnection and distance takes their toll on a relationship.
You’re Staring Reality In The Face...And It’s Scary
It feels like there’s a giant chasm in your relationship between what you’re feeling now...and what you WANT to feel.

With the connection and communication nearly completely broken down, it feels more like having a roommate than a life partner.

Perhaps your children have begun to notice and you’re worried that they’re learning from your example.

You don’t want them to end up in a loveless marriage, but you don’t want to force a divorce on them either…

You’re STUCK.

But you don’t want to make the wrong decision...

So you wait...and you hope...and you pray that something will magically change.

But it doesn’t.

And then before you know it...you’re a decade or two into your marriage and it feels like you’re living two separate lives.

If that sounds familiar, you’re in the right place.
I’m a coach, not a therapist...and it’s my job to help you get UNSTUCK.

It’s my job to help you find YOUR ANSWER...the one you can trust and take action on with 100% confidence and clarity, and zero fear of regret.

Therapy is backwards facing. It looks to explore how you got to where you are.

It does not equip you with the tools to move forward.

If we work together we’ll be focusing on 3 specific things.

1. Where you are now

2. Where you want to be

3. How to get there

And if “clarity” is what you want, this is the most efficient way to get it.

I’ll equip you with new tools to move forward in your life.

Coaching with me will give you the strength to make the changes necessary regardless of your partner’s engagement in the process.
If we end up working together, I’ll be showing you new and different ways to approach your partner so you can actually connect and be heard...and allow the same for him.
You don’t need to change everything.

You just need to change how you’re approaching everything.

And that’s what we’ll be working on together…

Once you’ve made these changes you’ll feel 100% certain that…
You Have Done Everything You Can Honestly Do
And when you can tell yourself that...you’ll be free to love without fear of rejection or lovingly leave the relationship.

And know this…

I am not tied to any specific outcome for your marriage.

I will lead you to YOUR answer as to the best next step and give you the tools to take action toward your own happiness without an ounce of regret.
The next step is to fill out an application so I can learn more about you and your situation.  It is completely confidential.

After submitting the application, if we're a good fit to work together you'll be able to schedule a “Truth & Clarity Session” where myself, or a member of my team, will speak with you directly to make 100% certain working together is the best thing for you to do right now.

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To your clarity and happiness,

P.S. If you skipped to the bottom like I sometimes do, here are a few important things to know.

While I primarily work with women, I have personally trained a coach, Shannon Cyr to work with men. If that's you, I would love for you to explore that opportunity. 
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